Our Program

Your child will learn, discover, and grow through play at our multiage, Music Together preschool. Our curriculum is immersive, integrative, and fosters early literacy and numeracy organically.

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Why Co-Op?

You are your child’s first and best teacher! A cooperative let’s you remain an active participant in your child’s earliest school experience while forging strong bonds with fellow co-op families.

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Music Together

Our partnership with the nationally renowned Music Together program supports not just your child’s musical intelligence, but their physical, cognitive and emotional development as well.

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About our School

St. Clare Nursery School is a non-profit, non-discriminating cooperative early childhood program. Our teachers are well-educated, experienced, dedicated and caring individuals. We provide a safe, nurturing and loving environment for three and four year olds where teachers and parents work together to offer a quality educational program. Parent participation is required and essential to our nursery school.

Parents who enroll their children in St. Clare Nursery School want to be involved in their child’s education. They believe in supporting the teachers and adding to the quality of their children’s first learning experience. Helping children discover, learn, and grow is what St. Clare Nursery School is all about.

The program is licensed by the State of Michigan Department of Human Services. We have been affiliated with St. Clare of Montefalco Catholic School since 1990.


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