Why music together?

Music is amazing. It helps us relax, become energized, or feel able to focus. It touches our hearts and brings us closer together. Music has a tremendous power, early in life, to support the developing child in all his or her growing capacities.  It forges unique connections in the brain, integrating mind, body, and emotions. Its enhances a child's language, cognitive, emotional, social and physical development.  Simply put: Music Learning Supports All Learning!


The Program

Our parents want to give their young child the very best. We want to expose them to every possible opportunity to learn and grow. With Music Together, this starts with creating a bond through music. When Music Together is part of the curriculum, music isn’t just fun—it’s a powerful learning tool, too. Music Together is once a week for 30 minutes.

More information about the program can be found at Music Together.


Since the 1980s, the Music Together Preschool program has been a development, non-performance-oriented approach to music learning that honors children's learning styles and allows all children to participate at their own levels.  Music Together Preschool actively involves both teachers and parents in supporting children's musical growth and their development across all learning domains.

Children learn to move rhythmically, to sing, and to develop listening and improvisation skills through playful, developmentally appropriate activities.  A Music Together specialist not only leads a weekly music class but also supports the classroom teachers to develop ways to use the songs through out the school day.

The support of parents and caregivers is vital in a young child's music development. Through Music Together CDs and songbooks, children "bring the music home" to the whole family. Children delight in sharing the songs they have learned in school with their loved ones. The Music Together materials create a tangible connection between home and school, reinforcing the child's music development.  As parents, children, staff, and school visitors all learn the same songs, a great sense of connection is built throughout the entire school community. This connection is celebrated twice yearly at a our Family Music Parties!

Any specific questions about the program can be directed to Sarah Boyd, Director of Hummingbirds Music Together at the Grosse Pointe Music Academy.